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Brain returns! And an En Passant round-up


Well, not quite in the way you'd expect. The past little while, I've been working on a 3D adventure creation kit for Unity (release / pricing TBC), so I've made a little demo to show it off. And who better to lazily read off marketing spiel than the greatest wrestler in history, Brain himself?

I'll have some proper info about it in the near-future, but for now, enjoy the demo!

Meanwhile, En Passant's had a fantastic response since it's online release. Here's a rundown of it's various appearances around the web:

• I get interviewed by Libre Graphics World
• AintItCool feature it in their weekly Saturday Shorts
BlenderNation describe it as "one of the icons in Blender's history" (thanks, Bart!)
CG Channel compare the film's tone with that of Sweeney Todd
• Blender users discuss in over on Blender Artists
• Some guy on Reddit: "It's like if Pixar had a baby with Sin City and was raised by Moulin Rouge"

If you still haven't seen it, watch it today!

*UPDATE* Found out that speech wasn't playing properly in the demo on Windows PCs - no more!

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Da New Guys: Day Of The Jackass

Da New Guys are the latest, greatest wrestling trio to hit the Wrestle Zone (well, two of them). Brain, Simon, and Defender are back in another hell-raising adventure.

Six months have passed since the events of the eviction incident, and Brain has somehow managed to become the Wrestle Zone Champion. But when he is kidnapped, Simon and Defender are forced into a journey that will take them to the city's darkest corners, and beyond...


● "The game looks, sounds, and plays like a lost classic from the golden age of adventure games"

Da New Guys

Brain, Simon and The Defender are the latest team to join the ranks of The Wrestle Zone, but now face their biggest challenge yet - the reposession of their home!

Experience the highs and lows of pro-wrestling: buff up in the gym, take on rivals in the ring, and work part time in dodgy fast-food chains as you guide each of the three heroes through their exciting and funny first outing.

Da New Guys on sale in the Getaway Bundle!


You can now grab Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass as part of Indie Royale's Getaway Bundle. It's a pay-what-you-want scheme and also comes with Shattered Horizon, Analogue: A Hate Story, Super Amazing Wagon Adventure and Waves. With a minimum price of £3.41, it's a good deal, and for just over £5, you'll also get access to the official soundtrack.

As for En Passant, we've been working flat out to composite all 250+ shots. The aim is to get a trailer out this September, so check back soon!

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En Passant announcement and DNG news


So! Little late with this one, but anyway: pic above is a teaser of my next movie, En Passant. It's an animated musical I'm co-writing with songwriter Leeran Raphaely, and it's been in production since.. oh, 2010.

It's a massive project - 15 minutes long, 30 characters and many locations. I didn't want to start talking about it until we were in the home stretch, but now that we're in the lighting and rendering stage, it's safe to say this thing's well on it's way. I'm hoping that by October it'll be ready for festivals, and online next year.

I'll publish a full credits list soon (a lot of people are helping!), and I'm hoping a trailer as well.

In other news, Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass has been out for six months, and it's still appearing on gaming sites. DIYGamer recently listed it as one of their top-rated indie games of 2012!

It also just occurred to me that I never posted up some of the reviews it got. Marketing's not my strong point:

● "The game looks, sounds, and plays like a lost classic from the golden age of adventure games"

● "I honestly had trouble putting the game down... it was so damned funny."
Die Hard Game Fan

● "Da New Guys is the most pure fun I’ve had with an adventure game in quite some time."
Just Press Start

● "You’ll definitely have a good time."
Gaming Irresponsibly

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Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass out this month!


At long last, the Wrestle Zone's most infamous heroes are back. I'm proud to announce that Da New Guys: Day Of The Jackass, a cartoon graphic adventure, will be coming out Feb 29th, published by Wadjet Eye Games.

I've had to keep this quiet over the last few months, but masses of work has been going on behind the scenes. We've got professional actors voicing the roles, QA testers giving feedback, and added LOADS of new content like more puzzles, characters and even unlockable artwork and achievements. And I might've added a couple more jokes, too.

So, on to the fun stuff! Ready to watch is the new trailer, you can download the demo for PC straightaway, and you can even pre-order it from WEG right now! Up until the launch date, we're also selling a Limited Edition CD version of the game, which comes with DNG: For The Winnings, Wrestle Zone trading cards, and the game's soundtrack.

OK, enough selling from me. Can't wait to get this one out there, and later on, I'll have some info on my new film project.

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Da New Guys: For The Winnings

Pro-wrestling team Da New Guys face crazed internet fanboys and money-grabbing failed actors when a winning lottery ticket falls into the wrong hands.

New site, new film, new name!


After a long hiatus, ICEBOX is back, now with a shiny new "Studios" replacing the old and dusty "Games" to the end of the name, to make it easier to release both films and games under the same name. For those patient saints that have followed ICEBOX since it's inception, this is the third iteration of the website, and hopefully the final.

But I wasn't going to resurface without something other than just a website to show off. A new film, Mite!, is in post-production and will be finished very, very soon. Once it's had a few screenings, mainly in the London area, I'll be releasing it online. In the meantime, check out some stills!

The main purpose of this site is to provide people with a portfolio of my work, but I will do my best to update this blog with info about upcoming projects, as well as insights into my filmmaking and game-creation endeavours.

Now all I have to do is finish this.

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