En Passant announcement and DNG news

So! Little late with this one, but anyway: pic above is a teaser of my next movie, En Passant. It's an animated musical I'm co-writing with songwriter Leeran Raphaely, and it's been in production since.. oh, 2010.

It's a massive project - 15 minutes long, 30 characters and many locations. I didn't want to start talking about it until we were in the home stretch, but now that we're in the lighting and rendering stage, it's safe to say this thing's well on it's way. I'm hoping that by October it'll be ready for festivals, and online next year.

I'll publish a full credits list soon (a lot of people are helping!), and I'm hoping a trailer as well.

In other news, Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass has been out for six months, and it's still appearing on gaming sites. DIYGamer recently listed it as one of their top-rated indie games of 2012!

It also just occurred to me that I never posted up some of the reviews it got. Marketing's not my strong point:

● "The game looks, sounds, and plays like a lost classic from the golden age of adventure games"

● "I honestly had trouble putting the game down... it was so damned funny."
Die Hard Game Fan

● "Da New Guys is the most pure fun I’ve had with an adventure game in quite some time."
Just Press Start

● "You’ll definitely have a good time."
Gaming Irresponsibly