Da New Guys

Wrestling's fictional underdogs make their first appearance in this graphic adventure game.

Brain, Simon and The Defender are the latest team to join the ranks of The Wrestle Zone, but now face their biggest challenge yet - the reposession of their home!

Experience the highs and lows of pro-wrestling: buff up in the gym, take on rivals in the ring, and work part time in dodgy fast-food chains as you guide each of the three heroes through their exciting and funny first outing.


● "Da New Guys is a total classic. Incredibly playable with a great game length, puzzles that are challenging without being frustrating and some of the most likable characters I've yet discovered in an AGS game. I can't wait for a sequel."

● "This game manages to be freakin' hillarious without stooping to the lame crude humor we see so often around here."

● "It's a must play for anyone who likes entertaining puzzles, awesome tongue-in-cheek plot and endless funny jokes.