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Adventure Creator out now!


After what must be the shortest gap between blog posts since ICEBOX Studios began, my Unity asset has been released!

Adventure Creator is, as you'd expect, a toolkit designed to make adventure games. Specifically, 2.5D and 3D for now - I've been asked a few times about support for old-school 2D games, and it's something I'll be looking into. For now though, go check out the micro-site and watch the launch trailer!

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Animation gig: "The Promise"


Late last year I got to work on a short sci-fi movie called "La Promessa" (Italian for The Promise for Melazeta. It was only a freelance gig so unfortunately I didn't get to go to Italy

I animated most of the shots after the first couple of minutes: the canyon chase and woman/baby scenes were done in little under three weeks. It was a huge rush but I'm happy with the quality considering!

In "Film 3" news, I've started a forum thread on Blender Artists Forums, where every couple of weeks or so I post up what I've been working on. You can find it here. I'm at the last stages of building all the characters, props and so on, and am setting up my composition nodes before I begin animating hopefully within the next week or so!

Now all I need is to think of a name for it...

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