Taste Lab

Two chemists fight to concoct the ultimate soft drink. But their tester is a nine year old girl. It's a recipe for disaster.


A lot of the advice I got after Mite! was that I should work on my lighting and texturing. With its smaller setting and more manageable scope, Taste Lab was a good project to practice these things on.

I didn't learn as much making this one as I did with Mite!, but this was more about putting what I'd learnt to better use. This is the first film I'd actually storyboarded completely before filming, so that's got to count for something! Luckily the work I had with The Promise meant I wasn't so rusty on my animating as I could've been. It was a lot of fun to come up with the ways the characters express themselves without talking.

Screenings and Awards

ā— Suzanne Festival - Amsterdam, October 2010
Taste Lab was nominated for Best Film at the 2010 Blender Conference's film festival.


ā— "Iā€™m so impressed. Every aspect was solid, from the story to the shot design, timing/pacing, lighting, music."
Colin Levy, Director of Sintel

ā— "I regard this as the best blender film I've EVER seen."
Andrew Price, BlenderGuru.com