Yet more En Passant news

En Passan't been selected for next month's Lighthouse International Film Festival. If you just happen to be in New Jersey on 8th June, go check it out! Plus, it's being shown in none other than a Fire Department - what more could you want?

Also, Leilah's theme has been shortlisted twice in this year's Jerry Goldsmith awards! From

The Jerry Goldsmiths are given annually as part of the activities of the festival. This is the eighth edition of the awards which acknowledge the work of composers who are getting started in the audiovisual field (film, television, advertising, or other media) or who, despite having a professional career, have not received mainstream recognition.

The film's amazing soundtrack is the one thing I can get away with bragging about, because I didn't make it! Big congrats to composer Leeran Raphaely for all his hard work.

We're looking to release the film in a little while. In the meantime, I've been working on a redesign for the creaking ICEBOX site. Should be a little less painful to read ;)