Leilah hits the red carpet

En Passant will be having its US premiere in none other than Hollywood! It'll be screened as part of the LA Indie Film Festival together with a bunch of others at 7pm on 20th March, at the Let Live Theatre, Los Angeles.

The "World premiere" took place here in London in January, when it was screened at the Roxy Bar & Screen, for friends, family, and local film-lovers. It was also the time I first met my collaborator on the film, Leeran Raphaely, so it was a great night all round.

In other news, I've been doing a load of other freelancing. I'll have to see about adding a Portfolio section to the website, in another shameless act of self-promotion. But, it's been giving me a chance to think about the next big thing, and I think I've got something good in mind..